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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Barrett turned 40 this weekend! It was a weekend of celebrating this wonderful husband and daddy in our family!
Saturday evening we went out for a birthday dinner at Red Lobster!
The kids checking out the lobsters
Playtime for the birthday boy...
For Christmas Barrett got this mini speed boat.  This weekend was the first time he tried it out in the pond by our house.  It was so much fun to watch!
Jack liked taking control of the boat for a short time too.
 Barrett opening presents with his 2 little helpers.
 Clothes, shoes, bubble gun (from the kids), and coupons/notes to go out and do some shopping.
 One thing he got to pick out and install was a new light fixture for the breakfast room.
 On the evening of his birthday (memorial day) we had a cookout/birthday party.  Barrett grilled out burgers and hotdogs.
 Some of the kids found their own little nook to eat their dinner.
 Amelia had fun playing with some of the toys and costumes that the cousins brought over. If Amelia had hair, this might be what she would look like! Not too bad!
 Jack happily sang "Happy Birthday" to daddy then promptly blew out the candles at the end of the song without even thinking about it.  Poor Jack felt horrible about it too!  The sensitive little guy got all sad and didn't even want to eat any cake he was so upset.
 We re-lite the candles and the birthday boy was able to blow out the candles on his own.
 Barrett got some extra snuggles from Jack while Jack tried to calm down.
 Amelia tore down the balloon garland I had hung over the fireplace but she was happy as could be carrying the cluster of balloons around the house (and sharing them with daddy while he opened up his presents.)

 The party guests - some family and a couple neighbors

 Amelia and Lorelei were twins for the evening...this wasn't even planned!
40 and Sporty!
The hat was compliments of his big brother Brantley.  You can't tell in the picture, but the 40 lights up and blinks!
 I am one blessed lady to have you as my husband, Barrett!  Life is sweeter with you around.  I look forward to everyday ahead with you.  I pray the year ahead will be full of lots of joy and happy memories made.
 Happy 40th Birthday, Barrett!

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