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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Boy Playtime Activities

It is stinkin' hot outside these days!  I have no desire to spend any time outside - at all!  I have been all over pinterest looking for things to keep the little man busy indoors (or at least wet and somewhat cool if we go outdoors.)  It is funny the simple ideas of things to do that I find that I either never would have come up with, or the things that seem so basic and that anyone could think of to try, it just never really crossed my mind to do it (like playdough.)
#1 - Pom-poms in a container. I cut some small holes in the lid of an old plastic baby food container I had saved. I gave Jack a handful of colorful pom-poms and he puts them in the container through the cut out holes. Its amazing how fun he thinks this is and what a challenge it is all at the same time! 
A close up of the "game"
I made a masking tape "road" for Jack to drive his cars on.  He understood the idea to drive the cars in the area of the "roads" but still doesn't quite get the concept of following the lines to drive his cars on.
Next, playdough!  I made a quick batch of homemade playdough during nap time.  He was not too sure what to think of it.  He enjoyed playing with it along with the cookie cutters. He was entertained for a few minutes until he decided to take a bite.  I thought he wouldn't like the taste of it and it wouldn't be an issue.  Nope.  He liked the way it tasted.  I don't get it!  He is the pickiest eater when it comes to meals right now, but if it is something that shouldn't go in his mouth, he loves it!

Hard at work!

Little exploring hands.
Outdoor water playtime! I filled a bucket with some water and added a sponge ball, paint brush, and wash cloth.  We went out on the front porch (in the shade during the early part of the morning before it was 107 degrees out there) and Jack got right to work!
"Lets see, what do I need to do first?"

He had fun splashing the water all around, "painting", and getting wet!
To top off the fun, we cooled off with popsicles!
What a tasty treat for a sweet little 18 month old boy!

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