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Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Boutique

A couple months back my friend Rachel from college had an idea that we sign up to have a booth at a craft fair and sell some baby things that we make. Of course I thought this sounded like a fun idea since I love to sew and do crafty things. We both started looking online for a craft fair and ended up finding one that was just 2 1/2 months away. So immediately the sewing began! Any nap time or late evening that was available suddenly became sewing time. (This is one reason I have been so behind in blogging the last couple months.) This past weekend was the craft fair! Our little 8x4 foot booth. It was a small booth but it sure made it look like we had a ton of stuff!
I made onesies, decorative burp cloths, paci clips, baby shoes, wipe cases, newborn hats, hooded towels, bibs, nursing covers, wall sign, flower clips, and party hats. Rachel made bows, bow holders, flannel burp cloths, and wipe cases.

Decorative burp cloths

Paci clips, newborn hats, bows

Tutu onesies for girls and tie onesies for boys

Hooded towels

Wipe cases (I only made about 6 of these. Rachel made the rest)

Basket of bibs

Stand with shoes and bows


Rachel and I at our booth. Jack came to visit for a few minutes. It was a very fun experience! We even sold some of our stuff which was exciting. We got many compliments on our products and people wanting our business card with our web site (problem is, we don't have one.) Ha! We may look into that or we may just sew for fun here and there and go to craft fairs once or twice a year. Who knows!

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