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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rangers Baseball Game

Texas Rangers vs. Houston Astros
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
At our last HOA meeting in Savannah, Barrett won one of the door prizes - 6 tickets to one of the Rangers games. It was very exciting for Barrett to win these - the Houston Astros were going to be there. It ended up Barrett had to make an emergency trip down to Houston earlier in the week, so he didn't make it to the game. He saw the rest of us on tv though. We were sitting on the 3rd row right behind the batter so he was able to find us in the background throughout most of the game. It was awesome! Out of all the seats in the ballpark and we got those seats where he was able to enjoy the game with us even though he wasn't able to be there. The Rangers won!!!
Mom, Dad, Hannah, Chandler, Camryn & I after the game.
These two had lots of fun. Mom-mom and Pepa bought them a cone of blue cotton candy. Camryn ended up eating almost the whole thing all by herself. When she was finished, she passed the trash over to me and said, "I'm ready for a pink one now." Silly girl! She loves cotton candy.

Hannah and I (along with the rest of us) enjoyed eating our hot dogs. Lucky us, it was $1 hot dog night. Yum! Yum!
Dad and Mom enjoying a night out.
The 2 guys - Chandler and Pepa - 2 great smiles!

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