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Monday, May 18, 2009


On Sunday afternoon we spent the day outdoors. The weather was just too nice to pass up enjoying. After a delicious lunch on the patio of Villa Grande (thanks to all that have recommended it to us) Barrett, Dad, Hannah & I enjoyed a nice long bike ride down the dirt/farm roads behind Savannah. It was so fun, relaxing, energizing, adventurous, and just a great time to spend together building memories. Unfortunately I left the house without my camera so I missed some really good pictures. I am confident that we will take the trip again sometime soon so I will be sure to get pictures then. Next we went to the pond at the end of Mom and Dads street and went fishing. When I say "we" I mean Barrett and Dad fished while Hannah and I watched from the comfort of the lawn chairs. Both Barrett and Dad were successful at catching several catfish. Barrett and my Dad - the two fishermen
This spot has been a successful place to catch the fish. This is also a spot that we have rode our bikes across going from one village in Savannah to another. I'm always a little nervous about ending up in the water but so far, so good.

The sky couldn't have been more clear.

One of the lucky fish!!
After a time of watching the guys fish, Hannah and I went back to my house so that "Hannah the Hair Dresser" could come and play beauty shop with me and my hair. She did a great job! Recently Hannah has really become interested in doing hair - cutting and coloring. As of right now she is the hair lady for many people - parents, siblings, nephews, cousin, neighbors, friends, herself - basically anyone that will let her do it. She has a real talent for it. She learned just by observing her own hair being cut and by watching other peoples hair being cut. Someday I will be able to say, "I was one of Hannah's first customers. She started cutting my hair when she was 13 years old, back before she became the famous hair stylist." So if you need a haircut or color, she is the one to call.

Sisters - Hannah and Tanya

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