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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to our new blog! I thought this would be a fun way for us to keep a record of what is going on in our life - like a scrapbook of memories in a way. Feel free to peek in once and a while to see all that is going on in the life of us - Barrett & Tanya. I hope you all enjoy!

Here is a little background about us and our life right now.
We became Mr. & Mrs. Walch on June 3, 2006. It is hard to believe that we are coming up on our 3rd anniversary already. Wow!!! Time flies when you're havin' fun. It has been an incredibly wonderful time together as husband and wife.
We bought our first home last spring in April of 2008. It is a place we are truly blessed and thankful to the Lord to be able to call home. This has been a really neat experience. We live within about 2 blocks of my parents house along with all of my siblings homes. It is a lot of fun to be a 3 minute walk or a 30 second bike ride away. Barrett & I love to spend evenings out on our porch swings reading, riding bikes around the neighborhood, feeding the ducks and fish at the pond, or going to the clubhouse and relaxing in the hot tub. We love it here in Savannah and hope to stay here for a long time!
We added a new addition to our family last summer. She weighs about 50 lbs., has dark brown fur, and her name is Java. She is our fun and very active Chocolate Lab mix that we adopted from the SPCA. Right now she is almost 2 years old. She can be a very sweet little girl but she keeps us plenty busy.
Barrett has had the ability for about the last year to work from home as a Finance Manager. He absolutely loves this! He wakes up in the morning, picks a spot around the house to set up his computer, and gets to work. It has been a wonderful blessing for him to be able to save all the time and cost that it takes to commute all the way to down town Dallas each day. I am surely thankful that he is able to do this - and that he is able to help out so much with the cleaning, laundry, etc. He is awesome!!!
I am currently in my second year of teaching 1st grade. Wow, what a job! These kiddos definitely keep me active and on my toes. I am very thankful though to have a very sweet class this year. It is just hard to believe that only about 2 more months and I will have completed 2 whole years of being a real teacher. My commute to work is a long hour drive each way (if the traffic is good) but Barrett and I are always thankful each day that I have a job to go to. Everyday truly is a gift!

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